Saturday, November 01, 2008

A new catch phrase from old Thai ad ?

In the past few weeks, after the introduction of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro by Apple 's CEO, I have noticed many of the hardware reviews echoed the phrase that Mr. Steve Jobs mentioned of the new glass multi-touch pad as "smooth as silk". Today is another occasion that I found another review from an online newspaper. See link above.
I 'd like to point it out here that that catch phrase is likely originated from a decade old catch-phrase of Thai International Airways 's TV advertisements, shown in Thailand as well as overseas, which proclaimed that a flight on a Thai airliner is as "Smooth as silk".

Perhaps next week I 'll have a chance to touch the pad to see if the feeling is really silky or not, or it 's just a hype. A colleague of mine has just reserved his new MacBook from a Bangkok dealer, iStudio, and he expects to get his notebook in the matter of days. So far, only few lucky Thai customers who made early reservations have been able to buy their MacBooks or MacBook Pros, others (including my colleague) have to wait for future shipments.

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