Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Genome Annotation workshop in Bangkok

I attended a Wellcome Trust 's genome annotation workshop on "Working with Pathogen Genomes" last week (Nov 10-14, 2008) in Bangkok. It was hosted by Mahidol-Oxford University Research Unit (MORU) at the Mahidol University 's Faculty of Tropical Medicine. Essentially, the course centered on the Artemis software installed on xubuntu Linux PCs. Most teaching staff came from Sanger Institute 's in UK: they are highly skilled professional genome annotators. I appreciate their effort and time coming a long way from Europe to SE Asia for a week to set up the training for us. Teaching asssistants in this workshop were Wellcome 's staff or associates stationed in Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, and Singapore. Most of participants were from Thailand and several Asean countries, one from Australia. Foods were superb. I learned a lot of tricks from them. Very useful. I enjoyed it very much. I also appreciate the nice training facility of MU Tropmed 's Medical informatics unit.
Some Thai people were mentioning of a possibility of organizing a similar workshop in Thai language in the future as well. That would be useful for other people who could not participate in that workshop. And I am willing to give a hand on them if someone would do it.

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