Friday, February 10, 2006

Tipitaka, abbreviated 1/45 in Thai language

I recently picked up a book I had bought over a decade ago from one of my dusty bookshelves. It is the abbreviated Tipitaka in Thai language, written by Aj. Sucheep Punyanuparb, long time ago, from the 45 volume tome of Thai Tripitaka. It 's fun to read and I spent several nights on it.
Today, I just found that someone has prepared its online version. Great. Neat.
The link is given with the title bar above.

By the way, the full version of Thai Tripitaka (from the 45 volumes) is also available at another site :-
together with the Buddhist Dictionary and mini-encyclopaedia. All are in Thai. I understand that this printed version of the Thai Tripitaka was published during King Rama VII's reign, or about 80 years ago.

The presence of comprehensive Buddhist tomes is a good reason why people interested in Buddhism used to study Thai language decades ago.

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