Saturday, March 13, 2010

Start of unusual days in Bangkok

On Friday, March 12, 2010, about 2/3 or 3/4 of the cars are gone from most streets of Bangkok. In many offices, some workers took leave. It 's also the start of schools' summer vacation so the school and university students are away from campuses. On Friday night, in the inner Bangkok, police started to man several sites that had been protest sites in the past political activities of the city.

By Saturday morning, perhaps 90% of the cars are gone from many streets. Outside the fence of the prime minister office, several hundred meters of concrete barriers were put down. Some platforms which looked like those for rock concerts were darlingly set up by advanced teams of the protestors at key intersections in the inner Bangkok's main boulevards. They also had set up their toilet tents a day in advance. I felt amazed at excessive (so-called) democratic expressions that some group of brainwashed and paid Thais have inflicted on a large number of Thais. This is a bad karma, after all, karma is the intention (by Buddhist definition). I have a feeling today is the start of multi-week long rally. Normal life of many people in the city are disrupted. Funerals cancelled. Many shops closed. Bank branches in some areas are closed. Some roads and bridges closed. Many schools postponed their entrant exam schedules.

My family went ahead with a scheduled cremation of an elder relative today at a temple near the planned protest site. Only close relatives and few close friends dared to come. That was good enough since I expected nobody else except our family to come. Some anti-riot police and red shirt villagers appeared nearby and inside the temple that we had ceremony. After we were done with our business, we drove straight back home. Before sunset, I meditated and made good wishes to all, people and animals, hoping that will help creating positive feeling into hearts of the people and the Gaia.

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