Saturday, March 20, 2010

Current scenario

I went out to a barber today. They tuned their TV onto a Red-shirt centric channel. Here is my opinions a few hours later.

Most people nowadays live in their self-created illusions. People chose to believe based on their own benefits and profitability, rather that what is morally right or wrong for the society. They even tried to convince themselves with advertisements and propaganda.

This is true for commercials where people, esp. teenagers, were fed to their eyes and ears daily with attractive advertisements, at times with unwise or non-utilitarian values, only to draw money as much as possible from their pockets.

What is said above is also true for political scenario. People were fed with falsified information all day long for months by some biased TV and radio stations, which perhaps operated from money given by corrupted and convicted politicians, and the government did not try enough to rectify things. People were also given biased opinions from "invited experts" on TV, who sometimes incited hatred among people of different opinions. Astonishingly, a number of people seems to enjoy watching the brainwashing by some media. Some people enjoy getting paid for their joining of political rallies: that 's why some of them took sides. Since many people are paid by money from dubious sources, I wonder where their dignity are and what is their moral value. They might be financially poor, but they don't need to be poor on their esteem. Perhaps this is the outcome of our faulty education, and our faulty money-based democratic system, not a virtue-based system. This is what I saw these days in the country.

Protestors said they want democracy whereas it is already right there but they choose not to see it. Weren't it for existing democracy many people would not be able to come out to protest in the past few years. Now that many poople who are abusing their excessive liberty by stepping over the liberty of other people, I am afraid that there might be one day that liberty in our society might be taken away for the sake of a more social stability. This is karma, "the intentions" of people of various factions, that would bear results, bad or worse, whether they consciously know it or not.

Let's see how the situation develops in the next few months. I 'll just observe it as a nonpartisan, although my mind took side with morally-right people.

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