Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Do it whatever you want, that is the real Thai"

That 's from a common Thai saying :-


A new 25 floor condominium is being built on a Bangkok road near my home, and it can accommodate 700 cars, and there would be a thousand residential units in it. Imagine the already worse rush hour traffic both in the morning and in the late evening. Sometimes, the vehicles already filled up the entire street already. I certainly wish the buyers of those condominium units a good patience whenever they decide to use their cars. Imagine that each morning and evening they will take an hour coming out or getting into their parking garages.

I think Thailand or Bangkok so far has not incorporated the calculation of car flux into the town planning. Any real-estate developers now can do whatever they want, sometimes against BMA 's rule(s) by using "under the table tactics."  I also wonder when they would have local community hearing like those in towns or cities in the US. Like another Thai saying, perhaps one has to wait until his "next life, in the afternoon" ( ชาติหน้าตอนบ่ายๆ ).

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