Friday, August 26, 2005

A meditation (concentration) website in English

I got a surprised call from a good old friend from Chiang Mai who came to Bangkok this morning. We had a long nice chat. On the way, he mentioned the name of his meditation master, the venerable Phra Noah, who is a young Canadian and ordained as a Buddhist monk in Chiang Mai few years ago. I wish to go to see him, perhaps in the next few months, if time permitted. Currently I also learn to practice Vipassana meditation, following teaching of the venerable Lung Phor Pramote, in Kanchanaburi.

For now I just visited his neat website.

I think the second link's name derived from the fact that Lord Buddha predicted, as mentioned in the Tripitaka, that Buddhism would last for 5000 years. The name is great. I like it.

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