Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Will the upcoming election in February 2014 fail ?

I just checked out a Thai newspaper website (Naewna) and found an interesting statistics about the upcoming Thailand's general election due February 2014. This is not scientific, since the number of voted people was small (only over 2100 as of today), and population of people on the web does not represent well the majority of offline people. Also that statistics came from a newspaper aligned with the opposition view, and the figure likely represents the current political mood in Thailand today.

Anyway, the statistics showed that (perhaps among people with opposition view), the majority would go to the ballot station but choose nobody (48% vote No, in green), a significant number of people would not go to the ballot at all (40% absent, in red). Small number of people would go, but would make the ballot invalid one way or another (6% to make ballot invalid, blue), the smallest number of people would go and vote (5%, beige)

If the current statistics is any indication, the election result will not solve any political problem. Clearly political reforms are needed before an effective election can be held.

Here is the graphic (as of December 25, 2013).

For latest statistics, try this link

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