Monday, March 02, 2009

Machine translation with Thai among 41 languages now offered by Google

Google just added a Thai language machine translation among 41 languages, according to a recent google blog.
Now I think Thai people have to be more careful about what they posted. Anything, even a private blog in Thai could be understood by most earthlings. The blog article is linked above.

Here is the location of the Thai translation web. I have not tried for the quality. (I am curious if it would work with classical or ancient Thai, or a Buddhist dhamma article in which even layman Thai can not even understand. I will test later.)


I tested.
Just for fun though:-
I tested a Pali phrase in Thai alphabets and the translation went crazy.

Also, after testing a paragraph from a Thai news article, the translation would not work properly due to the truncated language style or headline style of the language, not to mention the slangs used in a news article.

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