Friday, March 06, 2009

e-Books in Thai

Currently, e-books are in the trend nows. There are news in the Internet about Kindle 2 and iPhone app for reading e-books. For English speaking people, they probably have many hundred thousands of books to download (public domain) or to buy online. For Thai, I did not know where to get a collection of Thai e-books, until I found links from Thai language wikipedia. It provides two links but only one is working now (given above). I 've bookmarked and I 'll check back to them again. All the Thai books from TU library are old copyright-expired, according to Thai law, which gave 50 years copyright to book authors. I 'd like to commend the people at Thammasat University library for this great service. Good jobs. I have not checked if libraries of my two alma maters have this kind of service or not. It 'd be great too if they do.

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