Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phitsanulok trip (3)

To support the Sgt. Tawee museum further, I decided to visit his sculpturing workshop not too far from the museum. Sgt. is an expert artisan in metal sculpturing, esp of Buddha images. I believed he is in his 80s now but still look very active. I read somewhere that he 's a student of many renowned Thai sculpture artists, including my late relative (my mom's cousin). I decided to order a buddha image he is preparing a clay model now (picture). Of course, it 's a model of Phra Phutthachinnaraj. The cost was 6900 Baht for the 5.9" model. I did not go for the larger size which costed 14,000 Baht. I hope to get it in October this year, after a religious ceremony to be organized in Phitsanulok when it is done. Altogether, I over heard that 2552 images would be created and all the profit would go to support the museum. I am glad my wife is very supportive of my idea to help the museum this way.

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