Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phitsanulok trip

I have not been to Phitsanulok for a long time. Normally, it 'd be just a drive-by visit, i.e. when my destination was at another city. This time it 's my intention to get to visit this city. I drove there via highway 117, now divided highway, compared to a small two-lane highway almost a decade ago. Now I really know the time flies. The first place to go, of course is Wat Phrasrirattanamahathat (alternative spelling:- "Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat"), which is called Wat Yai (the big temple) by locals, to pay respect to Phra Phutthachinnaraj (alternative spelling is:- "Phra Buddha Chinnarat"), regarded as the most beautiful buddha image in the World, built over 700 years ago. The last time I paid my homage to him, he looked different than this. Now he has had a new gold coat over his body, compare to the over a century old gold coat I saw when I came the last time almost a decade ago. And I think his face looks slightly different too, since having his new skin means that the older gold skin layer had to be removed and a black coat of plant resin had to be applied before new gold plating.

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