Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December, a month of change for me

December usually coincides with Thai 's first lunar month. In Thai, we called it "Duan Aye", translated into English as the first month. Obviously, it was an ancient Thai New Year, long before Songkran Festival (in April) was adapted as a Thai New Year from Indian culture.

For me, I also turn to be half a century old man this month and am fully aware that I am entering "the terminal life period".
Realize that my life may likely be on a shorter term now, I have set a number of goals to improve my health and life-style onward. Many of them seems to be running fine so far.

There are also some changes. My 19 year old car has just been sold to an acquaintance for a very friendly low price. I had teary eyes for it a bit since it represented a gift of love from my long passed-away mom. But as Buddhist principle goes, everything has a start, it also has a stop. I do not want to keep the car since I do not use it any more and it will free some parking space in the garages. Our family still have 2 cars and that is enough.

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