Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who is going to be the next PM of Thailand ?

A Thai adage said "Nothing is certain: the only thing certain is uncertainty". Some local (Thai) and international presses have already drummed up news from the result of the recent 's general election on December 23, B.E. 2550 and they seems to say that it is definite that a septuagenarian would become the next prime minister of the Kingdom. I am curious to see if that will really be true or not in a month or so from now. I 'd not bet on that. History showed that a Thai government could be formed by a small party before (during the premiership of M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, when his SAP party got only 18 seats, but that was few decades ago).

I try to ignore political news these days since I feel helpless about it. I have already casted votes (for the party I like and for the 3 representatives for my district) 3 days ago, and that 's all a small guy could do. I have a feeling that what ever is going to happen, it 's got to happen. Buddhist principle indicates that "Every result has its cause".

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