Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lunch at "Don Hoi Lord" in Samut Songkram

I and my wife went to have lunch at "Don Hoi Lord" ดอนหอยหลอด in Samut Songkram สมุทรสงคราม , some 70 km south-west of Bangkok. The name of the area roughly means "the mud flat full of tube snails". There are perhaps over a dozen of sea-food restaurants over there on the sea-side waiting to serve Bangkokians looking to fill their stomach with sea-foods. We did not order the locally popular dish "tube snail hot pan". We ordered a Tomyam Talay (all sea-foods), a marine crab fried in (miky) curry (pictured), and deep-fried grouper fish in 3 flavor chilli sauce (also pictured). These are already a lot for 2 persons. The sea foods were really really fresh. I personally belief this freshness quality can not be matched by any restaurants in the city of Bangkok. We had a great time and plan on the next trip in the near future. I forget the name of the restaurant but there are its signs along the way. It has received a few quality assurance certificates (framed and posted in the entrant). And there were a lot of cars in front of it too. We were lucky to follow them there.

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