Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thai language version of Concise Encyclopedia Britanica came out

Last week, Nov 22, 2007, the Nation inivited me by phone to attend their publicity event to introduce the Thai language version of the concise Encyclopaedia Britanica at the Paragon, 4th floor, during a book exhibition there. Not many people were at the entire exhibition. I guessed some people hanging around the booths were the invited translators, myself as well. I could see that there were some guests turning up at the booth. However, due to bad timing, the guests left the booth one by one and wander away to visit dozens of other booths. By the time the master of ceremony came and was ready, with the 2 Pretties already on stand by, most of the guests were gone. I decided to leave the Paragon hall too. While heading to the Skytrain, I felt sorry for them but I had to go back to work. I noted down about this event because over a year ago I said in a blog that I was up to something. This is it; I was among the translators.

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