Sunday, September 03, 2006


Floor plan of the new Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, is linked above. In case someone want to see it.

(By the way, this is info for non-Thai. The airport name is pronounced Su-wan-na-poom, from an old (few millenia) Pali name of continental Southeast Asia, meaning the golden land. The weird spelling was put up in order to preserve its Pali root)

A day after this blog was posted, a news came up that the former engineering scholars of King Anandamahidol Scholarships has a forum to express their view of the design of the airport, and all its past design problems. So I 'd like to add these some more.

Here I 'd like to record one instance of my long-held opinion on the dislike of the glass structure of the new airport. It 's going to be hot as hell and it will be extremely costly to chill down the glass terminals in sunny Bangkok (a.k.a. the largest single structure airport terminal in the World, 3 km long across). Watch for it. I think the stock price of AOT will be negatively affected if people figure out soon how much monthly electricity cost the company has to pay for the electicity, not to mention paying more to upgrade all the current structural deficiencies, including the lack of sufficient toilets and handicapped's facilities.

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