Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thai classical music CD store

Today, I went to JJ Mall to look around for a Siam Melody store, on the second floor near the food court. I found information about it from the web. I was looking to buy some Thai classical music CDs. They are not-so-popular among the teens but for older people, like me, they are great. As such, there are only legal copies of them, might be found at rare locations, which is good for music label owners for there is virtually no "piracy" of the content into "ghost" CDs. It is also good for customers to get good quality copy of the CDs. I did not want to simply order what I wanted from the web, but I wanted to inspect what are available at the store myself, besides I did not want to wait for merchandises in the mail.

I ended up getting some CDs of Thai classical (traditional) music instrument solo I wanted, and also for some Thai music in the 60s. They are priced very cheap, some 100-150 Baht each. I think I like Thai music in the 60s because that is the kind of music I grew up hearing from my mom's radio daily at that time. These days, I can't tolerate "modern" music for young kids, and I feel dreadful of modern singers' "Thai-lish" (i.e. Thai + English) vocal style.

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