Saturday, February 13, 2010

A nice place for a break with music

Today I just had to drive my kid to a symphony concert at Mahidol University College of Music, in Salaya campus. It has a decent music auditorium. As a secondary school student, she was asked by her teacher to attend a classical music concert and write up a report. Thus kids from the same school went there today as well. After the concert, she was very happy and smilingly told me that she did not know she 'd love this kind of concert a lot. Previously, the only type of concert she knew was the type that most Thai teenagers are already over-exposed. Now she has discovered a new kind of cool and classy experience. (I think she has already been exposed to classical music lessons from her weekly piano classes, although she did not realize that.) We agree that next time we 'll try to find time together to listen to such concert. That will be a rare opportunity to spend good time with a teenage daughter. I also shopped several music CD from there too. I just realized that I have not listened to classical and Thai classical music for quite a while.

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