Sunday, December 18, 2005

Narai Palace in Lop Buri

I have wanted to post some pictures I took at the Narai Palace in Lop Buri 2 weeks ago. Here they are. The first one was an inner gate leading toward the innermost part of the palace. The other is the audience windown inside the "Dusitsawan Thanya Mahaprasat" Throne Hall where King Narai the Great came out to accept French envoy. We went there after 5 p.m. so the museum there was closed and another former royal residence building (of King Rama IV) was closed.

Lop Buri was the city I had wanted to visit. It 's a city my dad and my mom used to live before they got married. I spent only one day by driving there and did not have sufficient time to look around. Next time i will do some planning and will target other places as well.

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