Friday, September 02, 2005

New scientific computational clustered servers for Thailand

I heard a news that a major life-science research institute in Thailand, BIOTEC, would get a budget to buy a new cluster of servers, with some 80 CPUs for research. The reason is that many Thai researchers have wanted a machine to conduct protein and drug modeling study.
That would be great news to a number of Thai life-scientists, since we do not have sufficient computational resource inside the country a moment. In the near future, any Thai researchers who might need to do mathematically intensive computer modeling or simulations might be able to use it in 6 months from now.
Only keep 2 fingers crossed though: now it is close to the end of the Thai government's fiscal year. The procurement process must be finish before the end of September or this blog entry would be no longer true.
Somehow the notification by the Central Comptroller General's Office came almost too late, quite difficult to set up a procurement process under all the redtapes.
It is either because people in the MOF were reluctant to give us money to spend and thus did not give us a green light before hand or they were working really really slow. We wiill see how thing turns out by the end of the month and will post again.

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