Friday, September 02, 2005

300 GB Hard disk for Mac in Thailand

For my office's destop (a 64-bit dual G5 CPU Power Mac), I am thinking of buying an addional 300 GB hard disk. The 160 GB hard disk that came with the 1 month old machine is now about half full with my scientifically computed data.
The cost for a 300 GB Seagate internal hard drive in Thailand is around 9200 Baht now (monetary exchange rate of around 41 Baht to 1 USD), external one is more expensive. Considering that Seagate hard disks are assembled in Thailand, perhaps I should buy this one soon.
I suppose I can add up to 2 internal hard disks so I can add at least 600 GB of storage inside the tower. Sure, I have seen reviews of 400 GB hard disks in the Net, but they are pricey
and I have not seen them advertised from any commercial website in Thailand. I have not been to Pantip Plaza in person lately. The last time I went there, some hawkers of unrated CD called me Pa, as in "Pa, would you like some Po (revealed one)?", and I did't like that. I also do not like to see hundreds of foreign tourists who flock to the place daily to hunt for illegal softwares, it 's a shame for the country.

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