Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Thai parliament building construction to go ahead

Today, there is a Thai news about construction of the new parliament building for Thailand. 
That the cabinet has been informed of the won bidding price of 12.280 Billion Baht, barely 0.05% lower than its mean reference construction cost of 12.287 Billion.

I think the chosen location in Bangkok is a bad choice. The riverside location is prone to flood.  It would be wiser if they would build a new government administrative city somewhere in high land area and build it there. (But I should have known that Thai politicians generally are not wise, except when dealing with their private benefits.) I think this project is another a big waste of money, just like the costly car excise tax refund, and the very costly rice grain pawing project. 

Also I don't really like the design. The reason is that, in Thai traditional architecture, there were (aristocratic) 'hierarchy' of buildings. Namely, Buddhist temples, the King's Grand palace, others' palaces, etc.  Having a highly revered (Buddhist) pagoda structure in this design, the archtecs' aimed to raise spirituality of the place used by politicians by having this structure is a weird logic. Some young Thai people have even said in some bulletin boards that the structure looks rather like a crematorium.

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