Friday, July 06, 2012

A good Thai paper book to read

I have stressed my eyes too much these days. Regardless of my MBP 's screen quality, stared at the screen over 10 hr a day was bad.  Few days ago, it 's time to change the bad habit of eyeballing the notebook screen a bit.  I went to shop at Chulalongkorn University book center at Siam Square, to get some good books to read.

I will note down here what I have been reading in the past 2 days.
It is a Thai translation of a book in Spanish, Dejame que te cuente, by Jorge Bucay. The translation is very nice, and the text is quite enjoyable to read. The Thai title is จะเล่าให้คุณฟัง
The translator has done quite a good job and I 'd like to thank her for a good contribution for Thai readers. I would like to thank also the Butterfly Book House, a publisher in Thailand, for producing a lot of good quality translated works for Thais to enjoy. Some of the tales inside would be useful metaphors for the Thais involved in politics these days.

Here is the picture of the Thai translated softcover, first published in mid 2010.

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