Sunday, July 03, 2011

Learning curve for Thai about politics

At this time of writing this post, I will go to cast a vote in the next few hours for a general election in Thailand. I am not excited about it. I expect a worse political situation after this election day. I expect any wining party to face protest from opposing people. I think a lot of people in Thailand are still in their learning process of democracy. Any adverse condition will be another lesson in a steep learning curve on politics for people in Thai society to learn.

I am not particularly fond of western style democracy in Thailand now. The system has been abused severely by corrupt politicians. I think a better democracy that suit Thai culture better is to integrate many Buddhist peaceful and wisdom-based doctrines into Thai politics.  For example, if Thai politicians are forced to obey the 5 precept strictly or they would face impeachment, then Thailand would be free of corruption and people would be much happier.

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