Friday, October 29, 2010

33 years old calculator

This is memorable calculator for me, 33 years old Casio FX-110 Scientific calculator.
The price I paid in 1977 was 580 Baht. It has 10 blue-color digits and needs AA-size batteries to operate. I remember well that when I used it in an examination room, such as in a Physical Chemistry class, I needed to have spare batteries to replace otherwise it would not last the entire 3 hr exam session. This one was great gadget, because few years earlier students were still using slide rules.

Around that time, I was still a sophomore student and my mom did not have money but I did not know. I told her I badly needed a calculator to use in exams and she had to get money for me somehow. I appreciate her motherly love, just an example of it, and much more now that she long passed away. 

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