Sunday, August 02, 2009

A new Thai book: Following Phra Ubali 's tracks to re-establish Buddhism in Sri Lanka

A small Thai paper back book has just been published. The title can be roughly translated as "Following the tracks of Phra Ubali to re-establish Buddhism in Sri Lanka".
This is a beautiful Thai book, published with a beautiful Thai fonts usually seen in the 18-19th century books, but NOT used in 99.99% of current Thai books. This book also contains lots of color pictures. The coverage is history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, which lead to the history related to the emissary led by Phra Upali (a royal title given to a senior monk in the Thai kingdom, not his real name), who was sent by King Boromakot of Ayutthaya to re-establish Buddhism in Ceylon some 3 centuries ago. The book cited many Thai and Sri Lanka references. It is suitable for Thai history buffs. (I am not one, just kind of interested in it.)

The author is a Thai Buddhist monk who is currently a Ph.D. student in Sri Lanka. I believe the retail price of the book was 170 Baht, but I paid 200 Baht as a donation to help support a new Stupa (a Buddhist pagoda) construction in Buriram, the home town of the author.

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