Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Statistics on Thailand 's e-commerce

I just read current (paper) issue of Matichon Weekend (issue 1449 for 23-29 May B.E. 2551, 2008) in order to catch up the missing news while I went abroad last week. Apart from political news, I found one small news on p. 19 which catched my interest and thus worth blogging here. Below is my own summary in English from a long Thai text, with numerical figures rounded-off.

The news said that Thailand Statistics Office has just released result of its e-mail survey on Thailand e-Commerce for the year B.E. 2549 (i.e. 2006) which had 39,500 e-commerce licenses (as of that year). Only just over 1,500 of the replied surveys were complete and thus processed for analysis. They estimated that, the market size of e-commerce for 2006 was over 305 billion Bahts. Over 73% of Thailand e-biz operators were small SMEs with less than 5 employees and 83 % of the e-biz were B2C type. Out of the 305 billion Baht market size, 58 % or over 176 billion Baht were activities due to Thai Government procurements via e-auctions. Only about 37 billion Baht were attributed to sales to foreign customers.

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