Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Global warming and wind mills to generate electricity

Europeans are now more concerned about global warming and its impact to their lives. They saw in their eyes that they had less snow last winter. My French friend recently asked me if Thai people are aware of the global warming issue. I replied to him "yes", although knowing that perhaps the wider population might not have realized its impact to their lives in the near future yet. My friend then recommended a book for me to read, "Plan B" by Lester Brown. He and a colleague have just translated it into French. Since I can not read his French version I had to resort to an (older but free) English version on the web. I will be checking the content out on the web link below :-

The web version is the 2003 version of manuscript while the latest paper published version of 2008 is third edition.

Another link below is to an interesting article by Time magazine on an interview with Lester Brown, and his proposal to save the earth. Very good reading.,8599,1700189,00.html

When I was riding TGV in France, I saw a lot of gigantic wind mills in the fields to generate electricity in various locations (They are not seen in the picture below though). A year ago, I heard a someone in Thailand mentioned that electricity generation by wind mills was not yet economically feasible in Thailand. Now that the price of oil is sky rocketting, I have a feeling that it is now a possible option. I wished someone in this present Samak government of Thailand would do something good once for the country in this regard. Also I believe that Thailand 's all diesel trains should be replaced into electricity ones, not only that action will reduce carbon dioxide emission to help slowing down global warming and improving the air quality, it will save foreign exchange money to buy fuel as well. Perhaps my wish is just unrealistic: I wished I were wrong. However, this issue can not wait.

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