Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mouse problem, not small after all

If there is anything I do not like about Apple 's product, it 's the Mighty mouse. After using it for a few months, I finally quitted using it and came back to a small, cheap, Signo clickwheel mouse for a regular PC. Why ? The Apple mouse was too stiff and I had to press hard with my finger each time to click, thousands of click each day and consequently I have had inflamed joint of the index finger on my right hand and it never get any better since I use my Mac computer everyday. That 's the major reason. A second reason is that the tiny scroll button made it difficult to control Google Earth application. A third reason is that my friends complained of the dirt then accumulate on the tiny scroll button and it 's difficult to clean. (I never had the 3rd problem since I learned of it in advance, and thus I washed my hand cleaned before using it.)

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