Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Buddhadasa 's birthday centenary

Few days ago, I just finished my final exam on Julaaphidhammikatri (first level class out of 9 apidhamma classes that will take up the most of my weekends for my next 7 year). I felt a great relief (and realized I had suffering a lot lately, although that will lead to hapiness) and thus had more time to look around and will start clearing some "to-dos" as well. 

The centenary of Buddhadasa 's birthday passed a couple of weeks ago. I found some web sites about him below. I have a lot of his books. They actually gave me a lot of basic knowledge in Buddhism.  There were a lot of novel interpretation of the Tipitaka. I am not sure if some of his ideas presented in his books was written just to stimulate a novel thinking in the society at the time or he did really believe all what he said. So as an apidhamma student, although I got a head start from his work, now I may not agree with his view in total. Nevertheless, I admire his dedication and effort. I am sure his work has global impact and more will be felt: it 's a matter of time.


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