Monday, April 07, 2014

Contemporary interests on Thailand

Prachachat Business newspaper published an interesting Thai interview of a British historian, Christ Baker, who recently co-authored a new edition of Contemporary History of Thailand, for both Thai and English versions. He talked about political changes in Thailand up to now. He has a positive view that more Thais have come out to voice their opinions in politics, which is the same trend with other countries in Asia, which have progressed much more. He thought that PM Yingluck is the last clone of former PM Thaksin, and his time in Thai politics is over. And he said that many institutions in Thailand need to change.  Here.

I think he has interseting good points.

Normally I am not interested in contemporary history. But now I think when I go to visit a bookstore later this year I 'll try to get his a copy of his book.

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