Friday, March 01, 2013

Got some books from Mahachula Bannakarn bookstore

I went to the area in Bangkok known as "Prachan Pier" area yesterday afternoon to buy Thai philosophical and Buddhist books at Mahachula Bannakarn bookstore near Wat Mahathat, within a walking distance from the Grand Palace.  It is perhaps the best bookstore for Thai Buddhist books (mostly Thai but some English language, locally produced, are available).  I believe the bookstore is affiliated with MCU (Mahachulalongkornrajavidayalaya University) and are regularly patronized by Buddhist monks.

I bought 17 books today, some are about Mahayana, and some philosophical (Buddhist viewpoint) books.   These are on top of some two hundred Buddhist books I have purchased before.  I have an idea on the topic I want to write about, but first I need to make sure I know what Thai people have talked or read about. Now is my reading time.

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