Friday, July 13, 2007

A fond memory with my Suankularb school 's pin

Our Mor Sor 5 class of Suankularb in B.E. 2518 was the last to use pin on the right side chest of our white shirt, above the Sor Kor abbreviation. I remember well that I felt very proud of it, which symbolised the wearer as a pre-university high school student. Today, students' shirt has a (ugly looking) simplified pink and blue logo sewn onto that former pin position instead. I just found my pin 2 days ago so I took a picture of my well-kept one. So far the pin is already 32 yr old. I guess current students have not seen one, unless they have a museum somewhere at the school, which I doubt.


Yokee said...

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Thai Webcruiser said...

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